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Automobile Accident Informational Articles

PoliceReportInfo.com is proud to provide you with a wealth of informational articles related to automobile accidents and how you can best protect yourself as well as your family and friends, both before, during, and after an accident.  Many of the articles here include information related directly to the State of Ohio, as that is where our not for profit parent organization is located, however, much of the content will be applicable elsewhere.  We encourage you to review the articles, enjoy the content, and to contact us directly with any comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns. (The PRI Website Team)

At The Scene of an Accident  :: Dealing With the Aftermath of an Auto Accident

Accident SceneEven a minor accident can be a difficult and trying event.  And while 1,000 things may be running through your mind following a collision, you need to be mindful of the situation and environment around you to insure that you do not further complicate things or make a difficult situation even worse.

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Comp and collision is shorthand for "Comprehensive Collision Coverage"  and it protects you in case you are at fault in an accident.  Most times, this insurance will pay for repairs to your vehicle in accidents where you are at fault or in incidents where your vehicle is damaged by a covered event.


This is the acronym for Uninsured Motorist insurance and it provides protection from drivers who you may be involved in an accident with but who have not followed the law and purchased insurance for themselves. 


PI stands for Personal Injury and is yet another form of insurance designed to provide additional coverage should you or another covered individual receive injuries due to an accident that is above and beyond the scope of your basic auto insurance policy. 


The acronym MPI stands for Medical Payments Insurance and this type coverage offers you medical insurance coverage for yourself, and the individuals within your vehicle, regardless of who was at fault in an accident.  

There are considerably more options and insurance variables that you may want to consider when shopping for auto insurance.  You might wish to review a longer article on this topic here, All You Need to Know About Auto Insurance Terminology.



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