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Ohio Auto Insurance Requirements

You can’t legally drive a vehicle within the state of Ohio unless you have current insurance coverage that meets the state’s mi nimum requirements or you can prove you meet the state’s other financial responsibility standards. Establishing Financial Responsibility In addition to auto liability insurance, the following constitutes proof of financial responsibility:

• A $30,000 bond issued by an insurance carrier or authorized surety company;

• A certificate of proof of financial responsibility signed by your insurance agent;

• A Bureau of Motor Vehicle (BMV) certificate showing you have at least $30,000 in cash or government bonds deposited with the Ohio Treasurer;

• A $30,000 BMV-issued bond certificate that has been signed by two people owning real estate with equity of at least $60,000; or

• A BMV-issued certificate of self-insurance (only available to those with at least 26 motor vehicles registered in their names or a company name). Liability Insurance Requirements for Private Passenger Vehicles For most people, buying auto liability coverage is the simplest way to meet the state’s financial responsibility requirements. However, according to BMV.com, your liability protection must at least meet these standards:

• $12,500 in bodily injury coverage per person;

• $25,000 in bodily injury coverage for an accident involving two or more persons; and

• $7,500 in property damage coverage. Despite these minimum requirements, most insurance experts recommend much higher coverage limits. Proof of Insurance and Financial Responsibility Ohio does not automatically know whether you are covered by an insurance policy. When necessary, you must provide proof of your insurance coverage or other financial responsibility coverage by showing:

• A current insurance identification card or policy;

• A surety bond certificate issued by an authorized surety company;

• A BMV bond certificate;

• A BMV certificate indicating that you have at least $30,000 deposited with the state;

• A BMV certificate of self-insurance;

• A BMV Form 2702 or 2083 (for DUI first offenders); or

• A completed Section A of the state crash report.



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