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Automotive Accident Injury Facts :: Car Collision Information

While no two automotive accidents are ever the same, when we look at the data collected across thousands of collisions and other automotive and motoring incidents, we can start to see trends emerge that provide helpful information that is worth understanding before an accident happens.  A sampling of the research on automobile accidents demonstrates that all of the below are FACTS:

  • Injuries from auto accidents are frequently "delayed onset injuries" meaning in many instances, individuals involved in automotive collisions are unaware the have been injured until days, weeks, or even months following the accident

  • Largely due to the fact above, a majority of health care professionals recommend all individuals involved in an automobile accident seek advice from a physician and consider scheduling a general examination and/or evaluation to check for signs that the individual may have missed in diagnosing possible delayed onset injuries

  • The severity of injuries is highly dependent upon several individual variables including the force of the impact, the position of your body during impact, awareness of the  forthcoming accident, and the use of restraints, air bags, and other automotive safety features

  • While high speed travel increases the likelihood an accident will result in a fatality, speeds as low as five miles per hour (5 MPH) have been shown to cause neck injuries in drivers and passengers who have been rear-ended (hit in the rear/back of the vehicle by another vehicle, commonly due to tailgating, and failure to maintain an assured safe distance)

  • Similarly, accidents or collisions in the six to twelve mile per hour (6-12 MPH) speed range account for the highest percentage of whiplash cases reported across all speed ranges.  (In simpler terms, even if the accident was "just a little bump" where neither vehicle shows signs of damage, you could still have sustained a significant injury depending on how great a level of stress was placed on your body during the accident.)

  • For vehicle occupants who were exposed to whiplash, those who sought treatment early (within 4 days) demonstrated a statistically significant level of relief (less pain) than those who waited two weeks (14 days) or longer to seek treatment.  

  • Those suffering from whiplash should be aware that neck pain can often be a pre-cursor to further issues down the road. Those who don't seek professional help from a doctor, chiropractor, or other post accident specialist, are more likely to develop complications including lower back pain and limitations or loss of functionality within core muscle groups.  

  • Another fact about which many are skeptical, is the reality that you can have a concussion or even a severe brain injury even if your head never strikes anything.  

  • Even mild brain injuries can impair cognitive function, result in memory loss, make the victim feel dizzy and unbalanced, lead to irritability or disagreeable behavior, and more.  In many cases these symptoms a resolved within a few months of the accident, however, a small percentage of the population does go on to develop post-concussive syndrome which may last for years.
  • The severity of injuries in an accident is also related to the specific gender, age, and overall health and fitness levels of the individual involved.  For instance, when compared against the population as a whole, the elderly, females, and children obtain far greater injuries and complications from the same accident impact.

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