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First Things First : Stay Calm and Use Your Head

Even a minor accident can be a difficult and trying event. And while 1,000 things may be running through your mind following a collision, you need to be mindful of the situation and environment around you to insure that you do not further complicate things or make a difficult situation even worse. Keep your cool at the scene of an auto accident

It is important to remain calm and to make intelligent decisions after an accident. First, determine if anyone has been hurt or injured in any way. If so, contact 911, the Highway Patrol, EMTs, or another emergency responder as quickly as possible. The sooner emergency services are contacted following an accident, the sooner they will be on the scene and able to assess the situation and provide medical assistance.

Once you have ruled out injuries or contacted emergency responders following your auto accident, continue through the steps detailed below to assess the situation, document any necessary information, and be well prepared to handle follow-up questions from the police, insurance companies, medical professionals, or even attorneys who may become involved in dispute resolution or obtaining a judgment for the costs of damages resulting from the accident.

Just the Facts

Following the accident, you need to collect information that will facilitate resolution of the accident. This includes information about the accident, all parties involved, the environment, location, and special circumstances surrounding the situation when the collision happened. Depending on your personal preference, you may wish to contact your insurance company to assist you in obtaining all of the information you will need. Typically the company will have a dedicated line, or special extension that will route your call to professionals designed to walk you through all of the steps necessary to collect all of the information you will need following the accident. Generally speaking, you will want to gather all of the following :

ยทThe name and address of the driver and any passengers in any other vehicle involved in the accident


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