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Preferred Vendors
Vendor Check XCell Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
710 Leona St, Elyria
(440) 324-0092
Vendor Check Core Chiropractic & Rehabilitation
7050 Biddulph Rd., Brooklyn
(216) 749-7888
Vendor Check Chagrin Warren Chiropractic
20820 Chagrin Blvd., #301, Skr Hts.
(216) 751-8988
Vendor Check Atlantic Chiropractic & Injury
3501 Lest St, NE, Canton
(330) 456-3487
Vendor Check Ohio Therapy & Rehabilitation
572 W. Market St., #8, Akron
(330) 752-6608
Vendor Check Hertz Rent-a-Car
4645 Belden Village Road, Canton
(330) 493-1801
Vendor Check National Rent-a-Car
18809 Maplewood Ave., Cleveland
(216) 912-3917
Vendor Check Budget Rent A Car
26300 Chagrin Blvd., Beachwood ‎
(216) 591-9004
Vendor Check LJI Collision Center
27100 Chagrin Blvd., Beachwood
(216) 364-7100
Vendor Check Orth Auto Collision
2042 E. Waterloo Rd., Akron
(330) 784-4832

Have a question?  Got a Problem? Want to recommend or report a preferred vendor?  Please use the information below to reach the appropriate person or department at PoliceReportDepartment.com.  You may also contact us via postal mail at

P.O. Box 44320 
Cleveland, OH  44144

or email us and we will route your question to the appropriate individual or department at info at policereportinfo.com

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PoliceReportInfo.com provides access to various attornies located throughout our coverage area.  To receive a free initial consultation from one of our preferred attornies, simply click the link to the left-hand side of the page that indicates "Live Chat" and you will have the opportunity to chat online or email one of our preferred attorneys.  Alternatively, if you prefer to speak to a live person, you can call us directly at 1.877.576.7005 and we will connect you to an attorney or arrange a convenient time for one to call you back.

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Should you wish to speak to a medical professional, PoliceReportInfo.com is happy to recommend a number of local Chiropractors and General Medical Practitioners. Please contact us directly at 1.877.576.7005 and we will connect you to a medical professional in your area or arrange a convenient time for one to call you back.  All medical professional recommended by PoliceReportInfo.com will provide you with a free office-call/initial consultation to discuss your needs as part of their agreement with PRI.

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PRI is happy to offer our website visitors a wealth of beneficial services including a personal concierge for navigating the bureaucracy and red-tape following an accident.  Your concierge will help you locate an attorney, consult with a dedicated medical professional, obtain a rental car, and arrange for transportation to and from your home to meet with the team who will obtain you results following your accident.  To begin the healing process, please contact your concierge by calling PRI directly at 1.877.576.7005

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Should you have a suggestion for our preferred vendors program, or a vendor you would like to report who has not lived up to your standards of service, please contact us directly at 877.576.7005.  Alternatively, you can email us at vendors at policereportsinfo dot com.

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